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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  January 31, 2014 5:00pm-5:59pm EST

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was driving by on schaffer road and called police. >> she definitely was my angel sent by to find my son yesterday. >> reporter: among the major concerns, little amari managed to get very close to schaffer road here where there's lots of traffic before he was picked up. the woman who found him remain as none plus. blaney who stayed home with her son today asked the state of maryland to investigate and was also displeased about how she was notified of the incident. she was never told how far her child had wandered and where he was found. the police told her that. >> something needs to be done to see that these children are actually cared for properly. >> reporter: a letter sent home to parents said the child escaped from the daycare facility. >> the letter i read from the center disturbs me. it was notifying the parents of the incident that had taken place yesterday. it was a poor choice of words that they used in the letter describing the incident. >> reporter: what did they use? >> the word escaped. >> reporter: the letter says some staff had been put on administrative leave while the
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incident is investigated. we reached out to the bright eyes director on the phone who said no comment. the state says there have been no complaints against bright eyes since 2008. blaney says she's not sure if her child will go back to the center. as for amari, he seemed more interested in our camera than why we were talking to his mom. >> so glad he's safe. now to new developments on the firefighters who allegedly refused to respond to a man suffering from a heart attack right across the street. that 77-year-old man died and now the lieutenant at the center of this investigation has put in her retirement papers. surae chinn is live in northwest. you've been following this story since the beginning and here's yet a new development. >> reporter: well, the district public safety office is trying to decide whether to accept the resignation of lieutenant kellene davis. we're in front of her house tonight no. one has come to the door. we did catch up with the mayor today. here's what he said. are you pleased so far with the
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firefighters being placed on administrative leave? >> i will only be pleased until we get an investigation fully finished. >> reporter: are you pleased so far with the action taken? >> well, deputy mayor quander i know is doing an excellent job as he always does. i'm awaiting his report to see what findings there are and what recommendations he will make and he understands, we have to do this quickly. >> reporter: a letter sent to chief ellerbe from lieutenant kellene davis was obtained by dave statter who runs the website stater911. lieutenant davis writes her account to what happened when 77-year-old cecil mills was left to die on a sidewalk across the street from the rhode island firehouse and the subject is titled unusual occurrence. she writes the rookie firefighter who had less than two months on the job informed her that someone had slipped and fallen across the street. she then asked for him to get an address. she writes i proceeded to look
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for him and eventually found him lying in his bed. he failed to follow a verbal order she writes and provided a false statement. davis and another firefighter had been on paid leave and the cadet firefighter had been reassigned to another firehouse on georgia avenue. >> i stood on that curb and i cried out to him please come and help my dad. i said please don't let my dad die. what does policy and procedure have to do with why they can't come and help the man? i'm never going to see my dad again. he's the person that gave so much to this city, the city gave nothing to my dad. >> reporter: this lieutenant showed up at work wednesday and she was on desk duty yesterday. should that have happened? >> well, i'm following deputy mayor quander's approach to this. it's a thorough investigation that's being conducted. we want justice to be done, you know, for the family and firefighters involved in this.
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>> reporter: under d.c. law the district cannot touch the pension of a d.c. fire or ems employee unless that employee is convicted of embezzling from the agency while on the job, but that doesn't mean a judge in a civil lawsuit can't do something about it. by the way, retirement papers take about 40 to 60 days to complete. >> thank you. tonight the howard county police chief is thanking the community for its support during the shooting at the columbia mall. in a letter released this morning police chief william mcmahon also acknowledged the pain that loved ones must be going through. he wrote our hearts and prayers go out to the families of the victims. police know firsthand that behind of tragedy there are real people who are in pain and who are suffering a loss difficult for the rest of us to imagine. last saturday darion aguilar shot and killed two people inside this zumies store.
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he was suffering from mental illness. we don't know what connection exists between him and the victims, if any. tomorrow at the columbia mall there will be a moment of silence at 11:15 marking the 1 week anniversary of the shooting. a new report find the navy yard shooter lied so well doctors concluded he had no mental health issues. that's even after aaron alexis reported disembodied voices were harassing him and using a microwave machine to prevent him from sleeping. the associated press obtained more than 100 pages of treatment and disability evaluations for alexis just weeks before alexis killed 12 people at the navy yard. a va doctor noted alexis worked for the defense department and there was no problem there. two young children may have witnessed something no one should ever see. police say a man and woman were shot to death in the 1600 block of 17th street in south east d.c. the toddlers who were not hurt were inside the whole
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time. the victims are 21-year-older e -- 21-year-old ervin ingraham and 24-year-old ronnetta brown. >> we don't know it was random. it does appear they were probable >> the search is on tonight for the killer and the children are with protective services. investigators caught officer rodney williams stealing property from the evidence control branch. internal affairs busted williams after following a tip. williams had been on the force since 1991. charles county commissioner reuben collins is in trouble accused of driving under the influence. collins was pulled over around 8:30 last night. the commissioner failed the breathalyzer and the field sobriety tests. he was released to the custody of a relative.
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new information right now about one of the companies that operates speed camera systems in maryland. apparently they get it wrong a lot. now there's a movement to turn the tables by fining those camera operators every time they fine you by mistake. scott broom is in annapolis tonight where legislators are lining up to jump on board. >> reporter: this movement in maryland has been building steam since a secret audit hidden by city officials was uncovered in the city of baltimore. the audit revealed the error rate in the city of baltimore was 40 times higher than the city was telling people. as many as 70,000 bad tickets may have gone out costing drivers $2.8 million in fines. one camera was wrong 58% of the time. the camera contractor acs since purchased by xerox is the same vendor for cameras in montgomery county, gaithersburg, rockville, takoma
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park, chevy chase, bowie and frederick according to the watchdog website maryland drivers alliance. no similar evidence of such higher roar rates has been uncovered outside -- error rates has been uncovered outside baltimore. >> we also need confidence in government. >> reporter: but now delegate john cardin who is running for attorney general is taking a new approach to keeping speed camera contractors on the level. car dip is resubmitting his bill -- cardin is resubmitting his bill that would fine camera operators $1,000 every time they make a mistake that costs you money. >> i think that would give incentive to make sure these contractors are doing a good job. >> reporter: if the contractor can't be trusted in baltimore city, should the contractor be trusted elsewhere in maryland? >> i can't answer that question. >> reporter: at least not without similar awed a littles statewide which have not -- audits statewide which have not been done. meanwhile the camera system in baltimore has been shut down. in annapolis scott broom, wusa9. >> like that idea, fine for speed camera operator mistakes.
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a traffic alert now about that sinkhole in massachusetts avenue near 34th street in southeast. that section of road will remain closed seven to 10 days for crews to rebuild the hill at the side of the road. the water main break was fixed yesterday there. crews were at the sinkhole fixing the gas line earlier today. let's take a live look outside right now, temperatures currently around the 50 degrees mark, 40s earlier. chief meteorologist topper shutt joins us now from the weather terrace. we definitely needed a break from those brutal temps. >> we did. it's a nice way to end the week and the month actually. we'll start with temperatures, light jackets if you're headed out this evening, fairly cold tonight, but nothing like what we've been used to, 44 downtown, 45 in gaithersburg, manassas and leesburg, but these 40s feel nice and no wind to speak of. satellite picture radar combined, a lot of clouds. look at all the snow passing through cleveland and columbus,
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the precipitation staying to our north. we're in good shape with lows tonight around freezing downtown, but 20s in the burbs. we'll come back. don't let your guard down. we'll talk about how mild the weekend will be and if winter is lurking around the corner. if there was any doubt about how the commissioner of the nfl feels about the name redskins, he pretty much cleared it up today. dave owens joins us now with more. pretty straightforward. >> it was a politically correct answer and i don't think it was something a lot of people are surprised about when it comes to the commish. of course, there were plenty of softball issues. there was not one. during his state of the league address a reporter asked goodell would he call a native american a redskin to his face? the commish quickly began to dance as in dance around the issue. goodell told the league that the league continues to listen all sides on this issue. then he dove into the numbers game saying nine of 10 native americans support the name. we've heard that from redskins camp as well. read between the lines here.
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goodell and snyder are sort of on the same page here. >> let me remind you this is the name of a football team, a football team that's had that name for 80 years and has presented the name in a way that has honored native americans. we recognize there are some that don't agree with the name and we have listened and respected that. >> indian nation released this statement, "it is deeply troubling with the super bowl happening on lands once home to native americans nfl commissioner roger goodell would use the event as a platform to insist that the dictionary defined our record racial slur against native americans is somehow a sign of honor." now moments ago i spoke with the oneida indian nation on the phone. they had some other choice words to say about goodell's comments and we'll talk about those coming up at 6:00. it's a story that is not going away. >> it's probably not very much of a surprise either.
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he sort of seemed to be leaning on the side of allowing them to keep the name. >> you're correct. you're reading the way that the commissioner has been going on this. this is how he's been the whole time sort of saying we're going to talk to all sides, but he has really been i think sort of defending the redskins this whole time. we'll have to see. president obama looking for ways to help the nation's long term unemployed. earlier today the president met with ceos from major corporations like apple, wal- mart, visa and boeing asking them to hire more people who have been out of work six months or longer. more than 300 companies have signed up so far. a university of chicago study finds people who have been out of work more than eight months are only half as likely to get a job interview as those unemployed for just a month. >> it's a cruel catch 22. the longer you're unemployed, the more unemployable you may seem. >> president obama signed an executive order today directing
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all federal agencies to end hiring practices that put the long term unemployed at a disadvantage. she is the young girl battling congress who today congress to love during last year's shutdown. now this brave little lady is home from the hospital and peggy fox brings us her story at 5:30. >> plus another illness sweeps through the cruise ship, but the cruise line says that's not why the trip was cut short. >> they're almost as pop lateral as the game itself. after the break an early -- popular as the game itself. after an
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appears watching always tracking wusa9 first alert weather. >> we talked about this yesterday. the january seems brutal. the problem is we had such wimpy januaries the last two
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years, it really wasn't that crazy. in fact, we had seven days with temperatures at or below 32, but we also had temperatures at or above 50 for seven days and one of those days we were in the low 60s. so the high was about 2 degrees below average and the low about 3 degrees below average. snowfall 6.1 inches downtown, the most since 2011. the 12 inches at dulles is the most snow they've had since 2000. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, a nice sunset, 44 now, dew points creeping up, relative humidity 38%. so it's not the cold dry air mass we've had. temps will fall fairly quickly, winds out of the south. satellite picture radar combined, there's the next system for the plains states into the midwest. most of the precipitation goes north of us which will bring up milder air. pretty good snow setting up for chicago and detroit and maybe even down to indianapolis. for us just some clouds from
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the system and again more of a southerly flow, so temperatures improve each day. tonight you're headed out not bad. clouds. it stays dry and not that cold in the grand scheme of thing. temperatures in the 40s, 48 chevy chase, 42 reston, 46 in fairfax, also college park and 42 in waldorf and 47 for our friends in rockville. so some clouds tonight but not as cold. mild start to february both saturday and sunday. in fact, we're looking at both dates. probably the mildest of the two is sunday, best chance of showers also sunday, but i wouldn't plan around the showers. you want to take a bike ride, do it. jet stream, put this into motion. by saturday the jet stream lifts north. that will get us warmer air and by sunday it's really to our north, back in the 50s. now the cold air is agged down toward dallas and it's still to the west of us. it will stay that way until sunday night and then monday looks like winter will rear its
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ugly head again. break it down. 32 at 7:00, 39 at 9:00, in the 40s by 11:00 and by 1:00. next three days a few showers sunday but 54. that's a good tradeoff and winter returns monday, yellow alert day for snow and sleet, temperatures in the 30s. the next seven days a quick respite tuesday. we're back in the upper 40s and then monday and wednesday we could have a morning mix and that goes to rain, definitely the warm air winning out that day. then we're cold again on thursday and friday back in the 30s. >> i'm just looking at this weekend, 50s. >> pretty sweet and for the super bowl not bad, maybe a shower tomorrow, 45, 46, maybe a snow shower during the game, in the 30s. >> that is pretty good. even the most die hard super bowl fans enjoy a little entertainment during the commercial breaks and this year advertisers are upping their game with longer ads targeting
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a broader, more sophisticated audience. alexis christoforous takes a look. >> the world of luxury has been pulled over your eyes. >> reporter: the big game is known for its big ticket commercials. they've become must see tv. >> dalai lama. i just got that. >> reporter: the spots are a creative coup for advertisers. a 30 second spot costs more than $4 million this year companies are doubling down for 60 second ads. >> you need more time to tell a confiscated story. >> reporter: experts say companies are looking to connect with women and families, so they're moving away from the slapstick low brow ad into more feel good story telling, some coming close to cute overload. >> there were 68 different shots that went into that 60 second ad. they're like very sophisticated, almost mini films. >> reporter: this year many
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companies released teaser videos, some promising the muppets and cast reunions, others hooking the viewers with an unfinished plot line. >> you want people to talk before the game about your spots and after the game. >> if only i could make this message go viral. >> reporter: there's no shortage of celebrities or humor. >> every time the volkswagen hits 100,000 miles, a german engineer gets his wings. >> reporter: but come monday morning it's the armchair quarterbacks who will determine which ads win. alexis christoforous, cbs news, new york. >> one perennial favorite that will likely not be there sunday is the e-trade baby. the ad meter will rate each commercial and watch wusa9 news after the super bowl. we'll be the first place to find out which commercial came out on top before you go to bed sunday night. >> we're not going to see e- trade? >> i know. i love the little baby who does all the funny faces. it is paradise postponed
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again for more cruise ships. >> the caribbean princess returned to port in houston last night after travelers got sick with symptoms of the norovirus. over the course of their trip 165 passengers reported to the medical center. the cruise line said it cut the journey short to return to port before heavy fog set in. >> we knew it was a lot. the port is not going to close down to three days due to fog. >> we all know about the royal caribbean explorer of the sea, 700 people being sick and the captain told us the reason we came back today is fog? see how foggy it is, everybody. there's no fog today. >> a spokesperson from princess cruises confirms there was a norovirus outbreak on the ship which was suspected in the illnesses of passengers aboard the royal caribbean earlier this week. still ahead a d.c. institution is a repeat offender in this week's restaurant alert. russ ptacek tells us all about it in a bit.
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investors are happy to see the end of january. stocks fell more than 5% this
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month including a nearly 150 point drop by the dow today and history shows this may be an indication of bad things to come for the rest of the year. amanda knox is fighting her latest murder conviction in italy. >> the seattle native says the verdict hit her like a tran and that she was not expecting an italian court to reinstate her murder conviction for the death of her roommate meredith kercher in 2007. >> i'm definitely not going back willingly. they'll have to catch me and pull me back kicking and screaming. >> knox returned to the u.s. two years ago after an earlier conviction was overturned for lack of evidence. she and her former boyfriend raffaele sollecito denied sexually assaulting and stabbing kerc her. he was picked up near the italian border this morning and his passport seized. knox's family may appeal her case to the european court of human rights which has the authority to overturn the new verdict. capitol police will not pursue charges against the
5:26 pm
congressman who threatened to throw a reporter off the balcony. according to role call, new york one reporter michael scotto is not pressing charges against new york representative michael grimm who apologized and said he planned to have lunch with scotto soon. roaches and repeat violations lead tonight's restaurant alert. russ ptacek dishes up the dirt after the break. >> plus why dennis rodman is offering to do some time in a north korean prison. >> reporter: she told congress to love after the government shutdown delayed her cancer
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tracking weather with an hour by hour forecast wusa9 first alert weather. >> what a great way to end the month. i mean 50 downtown for the high, 45 at gaithersburg, leesburg and the high of 48 in manassas and 54 in culpeper. so a nice way to end the week and also the month. in terms of temperatures we're looking at temps in the 40s. they're not going to stay in the 50s long, 43 frederick, gaithersburg, 45 in manassas, 43 in leesburg and 40 up in baltimore, only 36 in annapolis. satellite picture radar combined, clouds tonight, but all the precipitation stays north. we'll talk about the weekend, when and if the showers roll in and if winter is lurking around the corner.
5:30 pm
checking up on our top stories right now on wusa9, one of the d.c. firefighters accused of not helping a man who later died of a heart attack put in her retirement papers. d.c. public safety officials are trying to figure out if they will grant kellene davis retirement or pursue disciplinary action. tables may be turning for speed camera operators. maryland delegate john cardin is resubmitting his bill that would fine camera operators $1,000 every time they make a mistake that costs you money. >> and tomorrow morning at the columbia mall a moment of silence at 11:15 for the victims of saturday's shooting. darion aguilar shot and killed two people in the mall before turning the gun on himself. a little girl whose treatment to fight her leukemia was stopped by the federal government shutdown last fall is finally getting better after four very difficult months in the hospital. mattie major from waldorf was
5:31 pm
released last night from children's hospital in philadelphia and our peggy fox who was first to bring you her story is the first with this followup. >> reporter: 8-year-old mattie major has been fighting for her life. we met her in october not long after she went to capitol hill to complied for more research funding for childhood cancer. >> two weeks later they shut down nih instead. kind of the ultimate slap in the face there. >> reporter: after reaching the brink of despair over the holidays mattie is back home in la plata, maryland, with her dog bella. tell me what she did. >> she ran around in circles. jumped up and she almost knocked me down. >> reporter: mattie is finally in remission from her leukemia, one of 26 children part of a t cell therapy clinical trial that forces the body's own system to fight off the cancer. >> the t cell goes in and rapidly expand in their bodies killing off the leukemia, but
5:32 pm
also causing lots of inflammation. >> reporter: because the shutdown delay caused the leukemia to ravage her body it was a lot more difficult. she wound up with a blood infection and needed a bone marrow transplant. >> while her bone marrow was just starting to begin to recover from that she got the blood infect and ended up in the icu -- infection and ended up in the icu and her heart was failing. >> reporter: after four weeks in icu mattie had to learn to walk again. >> i had to get up on my hands and knees in the bed and i would have to lift my head up. >> reporter: little by little she made rock and yesterday was declared in re-- progress and yesterday was declared in remission, but her fighting nature and blunt talk has become a battle cry. how would you get adults who can't get along to get along? >> love. my only answer is love. >> reporter: that short but very meaningful answer mattie
5:33 pm
gave to me back in october touched many people, including a friend of the majors who is a graphic artist. she made this t-shirt with mattie's quote. love, my only answer is love. in la plata, peggy fox, wusa9. >> the 1 thing mattie wants to do now that she's out of the hospital is to see the movie frozen, but because of the bone marrow transplant her immune system is compromised and she's not allowed to be in crowds for the next six months. >> we're pulling for her. dire warnings in california tonight where officials say drought conditions are reaching critical levels. about 90% of the state is affected and the governor is calling on residents to cut water use by 20%. the main water source for santa barbara has sunk to historic lows and is in danger of falling below the level of the pumps that help transport the water. the city only has one other reservoir. >> we're currently pulling water out of that as well. it's getting close to being
5:34 pm
dry, but then the city does have underground wells we would pull on. >> officials in california say 17 communities could run out of water within four months. santa barbara is studying the possibility of using a facility that turns seawater into drinking water. that's 10 times more expensive than tapping into the lake. dennis rodman is offering to trade places with kenneth bae, the american missionary imprisoned in north korea. the former nba all-star made this extraordinary offer during a cnn interview from a rehab facility in the new york city area. bae was detained in north korea in 2012 while leading a tour group and sentenced to 15 years of hard labor for sub version. >> i would do anything literally. this is dennis rodman talking. if they said we'll take dennis rodman and let kenneth bae go, you know what? i'd do that straight ahead. take me. >> earlier this month an agitated rodman suggested bae
5:35 pm
was responsible for his imprisonment. the former nba all-star later apologized for the remark and said that he'd been drinking. in tonight's restaurant alert it is not just rodents and roaches. it is the d.c. institution where we found a repeat offender. here's investigative reporter russ ptacek. >> reporter: it is rare for us to get a health department closure inside a hospital, but this is even rarer. it is the second closure in the same spot for the same violation. the repeat violation inside the varnum street northeast hospital, rodents? inspectors closed lori's gift shop again citing rodent droppings observed and a bag of food chewed through. here's our december report on their previous clos ure. five violations including rodent contaminated prepacked snack items. this time security asked us to leave. providence hospital blames the rodent problem on construction and says it sealed off the
5:36 pm
penetration areas and brought in an exterminator. on eighth street northeast inspectors closinged murray's grocery store -- closed murray's grocery store citing a dead road not under a freezer, droppings under equipment and no working thermometers in each reach-in freezer unit in. chinatown inspectors closed wok and roll on eighth street northwest citing dead roaches on top of foot containers, counters and more roaches at the pickup line and kitchen and rat feces outside near the trash dumpsters. the manager said the dead roaches fell into the kitchen through damaged ceiling tiles. he says those tiles have been fixed and cleaned. in silver spring inspectors closed gara kabob on wayne avenue citing rodent droppings on the kitchen prep counters, improper food storage temperatures like lamb stew and chicken stew at 52 degrees
5:37 pm
instead of the required maximum 41. the owner said we could look after they organized. owner blames it on a neighboring building saying the rats come through the ceiling. by the time they did left us into the kitchen it did appear they had organized. on rockville pike inspectors closed joe's noodle house citing operating without hot water. workers told us they couldn't reach their manager because they didn't know his number. we did check the separate providence hospital restaurant inspection. it unlike its gift shop did not have any citations for rodents. i'm investigative reporter russ ptacek, wusa9. >> by the way, all the restaurants passed reinspection and are back in business. we're going to tell you up next how an area teacher is going to the mat to help out at risk students. ?
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5:40 pm
i'm investigative reporter russ ptacek. you go to the wusa9 facebook page, you will see all of our posts we have right now and you
5:41 pm
can scroll down at this very moment to the invitation to monday's metro intervention. you can look here and see about 58 people before broadcast have already rsvped. this will be in front of the farragut north metro station. it's in response to your anger about metro refusing my request for an on camera interview about the hard to understand train announcements and an increasing drum beat from you to hold wmata accountable on that. you can tweet me or like me on facebook, #metrointervention. i'll get back to you. this sunday's super bowl will be the first to be played in a cold weather city. coming up how the cold weather can affect an athlete's health and performance. >> but first top promises we'll hit 50 degrees sometime this weekend. he's got his forecast coming up next.
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5:44 pm
helping you plan your day, wusa9 first alert weather. >> you know what? i just want to thank you for warming things up. it's jan's birthday. >> get out of town! >> this was a great gift. it's the gift that's giving
5:45 pm
back for the rest of the week. >> you have big plans tonight? >> i'll be working. >> she'll be working. >> happy birthday. >> thank you. >> birthday girl and it's warmer. >> 51. can't argue with that. >> this weekend could not come at a better time for me. >> in the scheme of things pretty nice. don't get used to it. remember we showed you really cool video yesterday of folks sliding around? check this out. that was in minnesota yesterday around i-35. this is in atlanta. some of the roads are still covered. this is actually yesterday evening and watch this. nobody gets hurt besides the camera. oh, wait, wait, don't hit it. don't hit it. >> run, run. >> yeah, not good. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, 44 right now, temps falling quickly from 51. the air is still fairly dry, winds out of the south at 8.
5:46 pm
satellite picture radar combined, we do have a system that will pull out of the rockies, a tremendous storm in the rockies. good news, too because remember the rocky mountain snows kind of feed the southwest and southern california with water. they had 2 feet of snow in beaver creek and 3 feet in breckenridge. this will slide off to the north and east. chicago is headed for snow, detroit snow. good news, it stays north and west of us and it misses us and also will bring up milder airful we've got to have double advantage here -- air. we've got to have double advantage. we have some clouds from the system, nothing organized, dry tonight and most of tomorrow. temps in the 40s, 45 chevy chase, 47 rockville, 41 reston, 43 fairfax, 42 waldorf, 38 in bowie, colder to the east today. some clouds tonight, not as cold, mild start to february both saturday and sunday and the best chances of showers will be sunday, sunday afternoon. want to do a bike ride or
5:47 pm
something tomorrow, do not plan around our slight chance of a sprinkle. the jet stream will move back north. as it does, it's going to get warmer here. remember, if you're north of the jet, it's cold. south of the jet it's nice. by sunday it's going to be well north of us kind of up the appalachians. the cold air dies down into the central and southern plains. dallas will be 39. we'll be warm sunday, but as a cold front goes through, the cold air returns sunday night and monday and winter is lurking again monday. 32 at 7:00, near 40 at 9:00, mid- to upper 40s by 11:00 and by 1:00. next three days few showers sunday, but look at that, 54 and winter returns, yellow alert monday, could be a messy commute in the morning, temperatures holding in the 30s. next seven days get a break tuesday, then a stronger system wednesday, maybe a brief morning mix, but the warm air wins out, back to 54. in the wake of that colder, sunshine, highs back in the mid-
5:48 pm
30s. wusa9 news at 6:00 just a few minutes away. derek is live in the newsroom with a preview. >> hello, ladies. tonight at 6:00 our bruce leshan looking deeper into that new report out about the navy yard shooter. apparently this fellow was such a convincing liar that doctors concluded he had no mental health issues despite all those red flags and warning signs we've heard about. >> also we'll tell you about a so-called miracle drug that's literally bringing overdose victims back to life. >> and you can find out where your dog ranks on the list of this year's most popular breeds. lesli, i'll see you at 6:00. >> okay, derek. cold weather is a player at this year oates super bowl. >> doctors say that could mean an increased risk of injuries for the teams on the field. adrianna diaz reports. >> reporter: the seattle seahawks and denver broncos will make history sunday even before the first snap. for the first time a super bowl
5:49 pm
is being played outdoors in a cold weather city. dr. robert gotland is an orthopedic and sports rehab specialist. >> the biggest injury i fear in cold weather are calf or hamstring pulls. >> reporter: that's because muscles get tight in low temperatures. a player's strength and reaction time can also be affected. >> when you are slowing down, you're more prone to injury. you can get hit harder. you can have an injury to your legs or arms. >> reporter: the winter weather may also increase the incidents of butterfingers. >> we may see an inability to tightly grab the ball because the fingers are numb or cold. >> reporter: even when temperatures drop, it's important for athletes to drink lots of fluids. the body has to work harder to stay warm and that can make players dehydrated. adrianna diaz, cbs news, new york. >> because of players increased endorphins during the game, doctors say athletes may not feel pain when they get hurt and may be less likely to
5:50 pm
report injuries. >> come on now. it's football, folks. >> i'm not a doctor. on a different note dave owens joining us with a story on a profile of jake. i'm not sure if we've ever met someone this determined. >> this guy and his story is absolutely remarkable. i think you'll enjoy it. a lot of layers here first, though. the sport of wrestling saving a young man from the streets, second, what that young man did with that second choice. jake scott is his name. teacher, coach, rapper, wrestler, now part of a new wrestling program here in d.c. so that kids can follow his footsteps. >> everyone to the line, let's go. to the line, to the line. let's go. finish it. finish it. get up, up, up. >> it's no surprise jake scott is trying to save kids through wrestling. it's his wheelhouse. >> i'm right in there. i believe that sports in
5:51 pm
general can change lives. >> reporter: >> beat the streets wrestling d.c. is attempting to do that. >> now his arms are keeping me from reaching his legs, right? >> kids like these at cesar chavez charter learning to grapple with one another and with life. >> get your butt down. >> there's just something about it, sort of the hard work, that sort of one on one activity. >> you find the rest of your day is stressful and you come here, it's kind of fun. it's fun to get all this stress off. >> down, down, down. >> but can it change lives? it certainly changed scott's. >> these are my roots, man. i'll never be ashamed of it. going out and, you know, surviving. if you survive, you're good.
5:52 pm
>> 905 balboa avenue, a tiny dwelling. somehow scott and 16 siblings shoehorned their way into it and it wasn't pleasant. dreams were shackled here and time often moved slow. >> the house that i grew up in was a crack house. i remember at the age. , you know, 12, 13 -- age of, you know, 12, 13 going up there in the attic watching adults get high on crack. >> reporter: his sister was one of those adults. >> and this is a woman who was previously, you know, 145, 150 pounds, beautiful girl. she had been reduced to 95 pounds and hair falling out and i said wow, what's wrong here? >> other siblings succombed to drugs, too. so how did scott escape that life? well, that's the story. there was a steel resolve to this guy. he came up wrestling and his
5:53 pm
high school coach implored him to be different, which is how the kid from these tough bricks had the gall to attend american university and become team captain, become a top 10 performer. >> when i saw the faces of my friends when i returned home from college for the break in between, you know, before i graduated, i can inspire people. i can change lives just like my life was changed. >> he was just getting started. he also loved math, became a possibility county teacher and is now famous for -- a montgomery county teacher and is now famous for his math raps to become knowworldwide. helping kids take the abstract and making it hip. >> above the elbow but below the bicep. >> through it all wrestling remains in his blood which is why he and beat the streets wrestling are in perfect lock step. after all, the sport has taken him places he never could have imagined. >> i never ever want another
5:54 pm
student to have to experience what i experienced. >> way to go there, jake. his latest math book for kids called tupi talks math with the queen of honey town and you talk about beating the streets with wrestling in d.c. slowly but surely they're doing a really good job saving young kids' lives. so sports does really change. scott is a witness to that. >> all it takes is one person that cares enough about somebody else to change their life. coming up at 6:00 a review of the navy yard shooter's confidential medical files reveals doctors determined aaron alexis had no mental health problems before he went on his deadly rampage. bruce leshan will have his story. >> reporter: thousands of football fans are staying in hotels this super bowl week, but only a select few are staying on this massive luxury
5:55 pm
cruise ship. i'm marley hall in
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
new york city's biggest super bowl hotel floating on the hudson river. the norwegian cruise line ship the get-away is hosting thousands of fans this weekend. marley hall takes us on the ultimate party boat. >> reporter: it's the biggest boat in new york with room for 4,000 passengers. the bud light hotel, floating hotel is officially open for
5:58 pm
business. >> we got a lot of contest winners in there who are having a lot of fun. so it's a really neat and unique way to experience new york. >> reporter: steven st. pierre is one of thousands of special guests staying on the brand-new norwegian cruise lines get- away. the idea to create a party ship came during a brainstorming session. >> how does bud light come in and do something and get noticed? we talked about a lot of different ideas. one big crazy idea came to us and shortly thereafter we said let's do it. >> reporter: this 146,000-ton ship has 18 decks with over 2,000 cabins. everything has been super bowl themed for the weekend. there's no shortage of places to get together and talk football. fans aboard this ship have 22 bars and lounges to choose from. if fans are looking for entertainment, there are private concerts or they can head to the game. pop singer bruno mars will head this year's halftime show. the hawaii native is having a tough time dealing with the cold weather. >> when


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